I’ve been hanging out in Gig Harbor more these, so a search on the other side of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge felt appropriate. I found myself slightly irritated by looking through 10 photos of the view before seeing what the house looks like. I’m kind of joking and kind of not. Clearly what you are paying for to live in Gig Harbor are the incredible expansive views. Owning a mid century home in Gig Harbor would be pretty nice.

The first house is not mid century modern – it’s luxury from the early 90’s. Is there an official name for this era of house? House number two is amazing, I can just feel it. There are 10 photos of the view and exterior, but non of the interior. My imagination is running wild with thoughts of gorgeous mid century modern furniture. The reality is that it might be a bit rough inside. I am definitely intrigued though. House three on Holly Lane has been on the market for too long. Y’all need to snatch that up! Dibs on the bar downstairs. Last but not least is a sneaky little Fox Island house. We can fix the wood paneling and oak cabinets in the kitchen. You’ll live mostly outside and cook in that outdoor fireplace any way.

Hope you all have a good week!

4504 N Foxglove Dr NW, Gig Harbor 98332

$1,048,000 | 4 Bed / 4.75 Bath | SQFT 5,248

4435 Holly Lane NW, Gig Harbor 98335

$729,000 | 4 Bed / 2.5 Bath | SQFT 2,976

2711 Moorelands Dr NW, Gig Harbor 98335

$899,777 | 3 Bed / 1.75 Bath | SQFT 1,908

245 Bella Bella Dr, Fox Island 98333

$679,500 | 2 Bed / .75 Bath  | SQFT 1,152
Ready to buy a house in Tacoma? Perhaps a mid-century one? I’m your gal!